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Tony Choufati lives in Houston, Texas and is a fiction writer, author, novelist, a real storyteller.
He has five books published and one more on the way.

Tony is a college graduate, he worked for IBM for twenty-five years, retired in 2005 and started his own marketing company, Promoting & Marketing Consulting Group, Inc.
He is listed in the Marquis Who's Who in America, fifty-seventh edition, 2003.

is his first book Sealed, he questions religious creeds and concepts and challenges accepted beliefs. Some will find his writing shocking and provocative, others controversial and argumentative. He basis his work on years of researching the Bible, the Qur'an, and Nostradamus.
Could this story be a prediction of what is to come? Do we need to reread our biblical history? This book will make you wonder.

Incubus Immortal Seed is his second book. 
Genetic engineering or cloning terror? Where beautiful women and daring men maneuver their way through seemingly impossible odds.
A hard-boiled novel of mystery and political intrigue, with scientific overtones.
If you're looking for a Sci-fi futuristic novel that offers a trip into the realm of very real, though fantastic possibilities, this is a read for you.

His two new books are The Oil Rat Pack and Treason Price for a State and I Found Him